Teryk's introduction

Why am I chasing summer? Because I can.

If you want the long version, I'll tell you about how I first fell in love with adventure riding. I bought a one owner, pristine R100 GS because I liked the look. I found the BMW-GS mailing list. Folks like cRAsH, JL and Santa populated that list and I got a taste for how much fun adventure riding could be. I went on a ride with some of the original advrider inmates and came home with my beautiful bike dented and leaking oil.

I was hooked.

I began planning an epic South American adventure that kept getting pushed off. First work, then a motorcycle accident. In 2005 I quit my job and gave up my apartment and was finally going to do it. I was 2 weeks from departure. Bags packed. I got a call from the lawyer handling my motorcycle accident case and was told I couldn't leave the country.

I got a job, found a place to live, got a girlfriend and once again the trip was on-hold.

Flash forward to 3 months ago when I ran into JL in Zeitgeist, a cool bar in SF. JL told me about his trip and drunken logic had me decide to quit my job and join him. Morning logic had me questioning that decision with thoughts of responsibility and resume building and the like. That day at work the most amazing thing happened. The non-profit I work for lost one of their largest contracts. To help them make up the budget shortfall I, selfless guy that I am, offered to take an unpaid leave.

I have the wonderful opportunity to chase summer and come back to my job when I return.

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