Day 1 - August 16th - California

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep anymore. I’m tired though since we’ve been prepping the bikes until late last night. But between the jetlag (I just came back from France) and the excitement it’s impossible to go back to sleep.

Today is THE day, the start of a big adventure, but for San Francisco it’s just a normal foggy summer day. Turkish who has been staying at home, plays the paparazzi for us. Turkish is actually planning to join us for the South leg of the trip, from SF to Patagonia, but that’s a different story.

Map, cigars (thanks SashaPave!),,, we're all set!

Ready, GO!

When planning the route I’ve tried to find the best compromise between having a fun ride while making time to arrive North early enough in the season. So for our Californian leg it was a mix of 101 then the twisty 128 and the 1 along the coast.

Beautiful, but we took very few pictures

We have ground to cover and California is our background so we'll take more pics later on.

Lunch while keeping an eye on our shinning bikes. The weather is awesome and we're so excited to be finally gone after the rush of the last days.

I'm already testing if the "tanker" system works . The huge tank of Teryk's 640 will certainly be helpful in remote areas.

A couple of riding pictures. Please don't drop the camera the first day !

For whatever reason we wanted to reach Oregon today. The planned small routes didn't always go through...

We ended the day pretty late in Grant Pass where we found a camp close to a river.

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